Where can you turn when addiction is weighing heavily upon you and there seems to be no way out? What possible defense can you have against substance abuse when it has completely taken over your life? Who will help when you have no one else to turn to?

I f you’re struggling with issues like this, then Serenity Spring Ranch has the solution. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest possible standard of care, in order to ensure that they receive the most effective treatment possible. At Serenity Spring Ranch, we have the recovery tools you need to accomplish your goals.
If you’re struggling with addiction, you might be asking yourself what the best route is to reach the road to recovery. It may sound like a mixed metaphor, but substance abuse is serious business, and you’ll need a serious addiction recovery program to fully overcome it. While this may seem intuitive, it’s important to realize that a worthwhile addiction treatment plan will take into account a plethora of different elements in order to provide a full recovery experience. At Serenity Spring Ranch, we take that idea seriously, and that’s why we structure our program the way we do.

What we do

We provide an addiction recovery plan so comprehensive that it covers every aspect of our substance abuse treatment center. You’ll find that even our geographical location has been selected with addiction recovery treatment in mind. We’ve selected a location that will afford you the ability to work to overcome your addiction in the beauty of nature. Enjoy the stunning vistas and calm environment that you can only achieve by taking time in the natural beauty of the great outdoors. At Serenity Spring Ranch, the majesty of nature is just outside your window.

In addition to the stupendous location, Serenity Spring Ranch also prides itself on being able to provide a luxury rehab experience. While this might seem like an unnecessary accommodation, selecting a luxury drug rehab clinic is one of the best decisions you can make during the recovery process. You want to be sure that you’ll getting the highest quality of care while in the substance abuse treatment center, and at Serenity Spring Ranch, our luxury drug rehab center really fits the bill. When you’re ready to face your addiction, you’ll want to be sure and select a luxury center.

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1Where do you have locations?
Serenity Spring Ranch has rehab centers all across the United States to be accessible wherever you are. If you need somewhere close to home, we can provide that, if you want to get away from your situation, we can send you to a rehab in another region.
2How long does treatment take?
Addiction recovery lasts for a long time, but your stay at one of our addiction treatment centers will last from 30 to 90 days. Think of this time not as a full treatment, but instead a period where you can learn all the skills and gain all the resources to be successful in your treatment and sobriety in daily life.
3Is group therapy mandatory?
We ask that all our clients attend group meetings and do so with a good attitude. We ask that everyone shares openly and honestly while listening to others carefully to provide respectful, non-judgmental advice and insight.
4Is detox monitored?
Each client going through withdrawal is strictly supervised at our drug detox clinics. To ensure that the process is safe, comfortable, and efficient, your detox needs to be carefully managed by addiction and withdrawal specialists.

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